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MTS Celebration of new Data Center Go-Live

Sisters of Mercy had a celebration of a monumental event. It was brining a new Data Center online. We had a picnic lunch that we cooked for 550 people. Here was a snapshot of the grocery List.

  1. 325 lbs. Pork, Bone in Boston Butts
  2. 40 lbs. of Chicken legs, Drumsticks
  3. 40 lbs. of Bratwurst
  4. Smoke Zucchini and portabella Mushrooms

This cook was larger than my cooker so I had the pleasure of cooking with Chip Caraway a Pit master on the “Porkin ain’t easy” BBQ team. He did an amazing job with his pit on majority of the pork and the veggies. Here is a pic of the largest grocery cart.

4-21-2011_-Sam's Run photo

4 cases of butts 1 case of brats 550 buns … Oh and the beer is a brat ingredient.


Chip is running that pit like there is no tomorrow! He did an amazing job!


Chip is just chillin in the night!!


Chips pit is rocking right along!


I found that on these winter and early spring cooks a blanket over the pit really helps with temperatures.


Final prep of the meat before it is served. (Love the steam, great Pic Becky!)


Prepping the sauce (not all ingredients shown … LOL)


It was nice having all the help for this HUGE cook!!! Everyone did a great job, couldn’t have done it without the help!


Thanks to my good friend Becky Bauer for contributing several AWESOME photos for this post!

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