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Marine Week–St. Louis 2011


Working with the USO we had the honor of cooking lunch for the U.S. Marines that put on “Marine Week” in St. Louis. This cook was so big we once again had a super time teaming up with “Porkin’ Ain’t Easy” ( These “Porkin’ Ain’t Easy” guys are some of the best ever!!! Couldn’t ask for better group to cook with!!! We cooked up 500 pounds of raw pork and had an awesome time.

The Marines were extremely polite and engaging and really enjoyed the event. I’m extremely proud of the manner in which these young Marines are carrying on the traditions and the honor of the Corps!

So the Marines that got stuck on the night duty had a treat. Chip Caraway of “Porkin’ Ain’t Easy” treated them to a Seafood boil with our teams in the tent. Some of these men had never had such a meal and others dug right in and felt like they were back home! We had all ranks from Lance Corporal to Lieutenant Colonel havin’ at this! It was awesome.


Night Picture. I love the way that the arch was lit!


New Banner


Chip and Doug setting up the booth. I love the way jack is in the supervisor roll already!


Shortly after day break.


This is the USO Mobile catering truck. The assembled the meals and distributed them here!



Marines digging in on the Seafood Boil!



Had the honor of a photo with the Guard detail at the memorial. Thanks guys!


A happy Marine is a full Marine!! Smile


Marines wanted to help and get in on the meat prep so the Exec Director of the USO is holding class.




I love it when the 1st Sgt helps out too!


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