The Cooker

Our cooker is a Custom built offset pit.  It was built by D. Tillery (  He is truly an artist in every sense of the word.  We worked together on the design and the layout of the trailer but the pit design was all him.  It should be noted that the theme of the cooker is to honor the United States Marine Corp (USMC) in which I proudly served.  This is a USMC BBQ Smoker for sure!


Firebox and Warmer side

The craftsmanship is amazing and the creativity is really cool.  Check out above where he uses the .45 call pistol silhouettes for damper control handles and for hinges.

Look at these trench knife Damper handles below.

The detail of the WWI style trench knives or these WWII grenades as door knobs are some of the amazing style that D brought to this cooker.

It is capable to do 36 Pork Butts. Here it is only 3/4 full.

8 Responses to The Cooker

  • Debbie Juckett says:

    What a wonderful thing your are doing! God bless everyone who participates!
    Have fun!!!

  • Douglas Thompson says:

    Sempe Fi
    Saw your web sight in Sgt Grit and had to check it out
    OutStanding ! I do a lot of smoking, BBQ ,etc up in South Bend IN but not in such extreme
    Thanks for Supporting us Grunts

  • James says:

    Great thing you are doing Sir. I got the name Spatulaman from a Sargeant Major at MCB Quantico when I worked there several years ago. My cigar group routinely does benefits for the Wounded Warriors and other groups.

    Keep the faith Brother.


    What a wonderful time we had at your Wildwood BBQ. BASH. It was so much fun and you and your crew make everyone feel so welcome to be there. Thank you for all you do to make life so good for us all.


    Be sure to keep me updated if you can of future events.

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