BBQ Fundraising ideas


Let’s first start off with EVERYONE at Smoke-N-Honor is a volunteer.  All our efforts have free labor.  The only costs are for materials such as the groceries and the supplies to cook and serve the food.  We partner with the organizations we support for these events.

Here are two examples of proven methods of raising funds utilizing BBQ:

  1. Event based or road side sales.  Either of these approaches has one common risk, turn-out of patrons.   A low turnout (i.e. weather issues) could mean a loss of the organizations time and money for materials (non returnable or perishable food and wasted volunteer time).  This can be addressed with the pre-sales of tickets for items on the menu.  For example if you’re offering a pulled pork dinner plate with sides and a drink you would sell enough of these before the event to cover the cost.  Patrons that pre-paid before the event can redeem their food items with their ticket the day of the event.
  2. Drawing based.  This type of event sells chances to receive a BBQ dinner for a specified number of guests.  In Missouri the organization needs to be a 510(C)3.  Parameters around this event would need to be clear and specified to the participants on the ticket at the time of purchase.  By this I mean agreed upon dates, menu items, service area the dinner would be served in.  An example of this could be:

Dinner party for 14 people with Baby Back Ribs, Pulled Pork sandwiches, Pit baked beans, homemade coleslaw, and homemade desert.  Event must be within 60 miles of <city> and the date must be agreed upon between the winner and the provider.  Considerable effort will be made to accommodate the winner in scheduling. Substitute meats of equal or lesser are an option that can be discussed.

If you’d like to discuss some of the numbers in the profits just drop me a line via the contact link and we can discuss the numbers.

 Both of these examples need the organizations members to make it successful.  Some of the service opportunities for the members are in: advertising the event, (pre)sales of tickets, serving the day of the event, and organization of the event.

With either scenario above the financial return depends on the size of the event and profit margin in the menu items offered.  Event details and market prices would help drive the decisions of menu and what you would charge.

I’d like to thank my good friend Mike Curry the source of a good part of the above information that I’ve shared with you.



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